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「狗鼻子威力,不容小覷!」- How Powerful Is a Dog's Nose?


We're about to put one dog's nose to the ultimate test.

Neil Powell is an expert who trains sniffer dogs. One of his top performers is search and rescue dog, Fern. Today, she's going to try to sniff out something Neil has hidden, a canister containing pork meat. But what's extraordinary is that it's not on dry land; it's in the lake, deep under water.
Neil Powell 是訓練嗅探犬的專家。他最頂尖的表演者之一是搜救犬 Fern。今天,她要試著嗅出某件 Neil 預藏的物品,一個裝著豬肉的金屬罐。但最特別的是,那並不是放在乾燥的地面;它是在湖裡,在深深的水中。

What we're going to do is take Fern out and use her scenting ability, and try to pinpoint it.
我們要做的,是將 Fern 帶出去並利用她的嗅探能力,試著標示出金屬罐的位置。

This isn't just a stunt. It's serious work. Fern has been trained to detect the bodies of people who've drowned.
這並不只是個特技表演。這是件嚴肅的工作。Fern 被訓練來探測溺水者的屍體。

So this is the ultimate test on the dog's scenting ability. It's probably as difficult as it gets.

Neil and the dive team know precisely where the canister is hidden, because they fixed a GPS position on it. The question is, can Fern even get close? The team's search technique is to systematically criss-cross the lake, so at some point, Fern will be brought directly downwind of the hidden lure. But will she pick up the scent of the canned meat?
Neil 及潛水隊確切知道金屬罐藏匿的位置,因為他們在上面加裝衛星定位。問題是,Fern 有半點可能靠近嗎?團隊的搜索方法是有系統地交錯駛過湖面,因此在某些點,Fern 會被直接帶到誘餌藏匿的下風處。但她會聞到罐裝肉的氣味嗎?

The lake is a mile long and half a mile wide, and only the tiniest quantities of chemicals from the meat will be reaching the surface. Of that, most will be getting blown away. Near to around 10 minutes after they start criss-crossing the lake, Fern senses something.
湖有一哩長且有半哩寬,僅有極少量的化學物質會從肉散到湖面。那化學物質,大部分會被吹散。在他們開始交錯駛過湖面約十分鐘後,Fern 感應到某種東西。

Turn it off into the wind, John. Once she's indicated on the scent clearly, we'll take her out of the scent as quickly as we can, so then she stops barking. And now what we're trying to do is work her way downwind again, criss-cross in the wind until she starts to bark again.

Neil and the search team have honed their partnership with Fern to an art. Neil can tell from Fern's body language when they're in the exact spot.
Neil 和搜索隊已經將他們和 Fern 的合作關係提升到一種藝術的境界。在他們來到正確位置時,Neil 可以從 Fern 的肢體語言得知。

When she arrived over the top of it, you'll see her go over the side a little bit more, and she's really focused on the water. You'll get her right into... See, there, see that? Bring around there, John. Right round, John. There, I put it there, John, all right.
當她抵達金屬罐的上方時,你可以看到她稍微走到那邊些,而且她非常專注在水上。你可以將她直接帶進... 看,那裡,看到那了嗎?繞來這,John。再繞,John。那裡,我把罐子放在那裡,John,好了。

Fern's made it clear where she thinks the canister is. Neil is confident she's got the right spot, and so he drops the marker in. But there's only one way to know if Fern's correct, the dive team move in to check it against the GPS fix they took when they threw in the canister. And unbelievably, Fern is right on top of it. In a lake a kilometer wide and half a kilometer long, Fern's nose has found the exact spot.
Fern 清楚表明她認為金屬罐在哪。Neil 有自信她找到正確的位置,於是他將標示投下。但只有一個方法能得知 Fern 是否正確,潛水隊加入去核對在他們投入金屬罐時裝上的衛星定位。難以置信地,Fern 就在它正上方。在一座一公里寬且半公里長的湖中,Fern 的鼻子找到正確的位置。

Yeah...yeah...go. What a clever girl. What a...

The diver's final job is to try and retrieve the canister. But the lake bed has a surprise in store, the bottom is a meter of soft silt, and the canister has sunk right through. The dive team don't stand a chance. Amazingly, Fern hasn't just sniffed the lure through six meters of water, but also through a meter of mud as well.
潛水員的最後工作是試著拾回金屬罐。但湖床有個驚喜在等著,湖底是一公尺深的軟泥沙,而金屬罐已經直接沉入其中了。潛水隊毫無機會拾回金屬罐。令人驚奇地是,Fern 不僅從六公尺深的湖水聞到誘餌的氣味,還從一公尺深的泥中嗅到。

  • 「嗅出、察覺到」- Sniff Out

    Today, she's going to try to sniff out something Neil has hidden, a canister containing pork meat.
    今天,她要試著嗅出某件 Neil 預藏的物品,一個裝著豬肉的金屬罐。




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