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「跟著 Becky 一起用英文講八卦!」- Gossip Vocabulary in English: Blabbing with Becky


Hey, guys! I'm Becky. Welcome back to Blabbing with Becky, the best gossiping channel on YouTube. Okay. So, usually, I'm the one giving the latest and greatest gossip on the Internet. But today on BWB, I'm gonna be teaching you guys how to gossip in English so you can be gossip queens just like Becky.
嗨大家!我是 Becky。歡迎回到〈Becky 的八卦聊天室〉,YouTube 上最優質的八卦頻道。好。通常我都是跟大家分享網路上最新、最棒的八卦。但今天的〈Becky 的八卦聊天室〉有點不一樣,我要來教大家怎麼用英文講八卦,讓你變成跟 Becky 一樣優秀的八卦女王。

"To blab" means "to gossip, to reveal someone's secrets," perhaps in a careless way, but we don't care. It's a verb. Like, "On this channel, we blab."

But, "to gossip," it means the same thing. But it's a verb, noun, and adjective. And I'm gonna show you how to use it in some cool ways. For example, as a noun, "I am a gossip!" Yes, I am a go—a huge gossip, and you know what? I don't really care what all of you say about me on Twitter. Yeah, I read your tweets, Ashley. But you know what? I don't care. Only Doug can judge me. Doug's my boyfriend.
但「gossip」的意思也一樣。但它可以當動詞、名詞跟形容詞。我要教大家怎麼用很酷的方式運用這個字。例如,當名詞的時候:「我就是八卦王!」對,我就是個八--超八卦的人,但你知道嗎?你們在推特怎麼講我我是不在乎啦。對,我會看妳的推文,Ashley。但妳知道嗎?我不在乎。只有 Doug 可以批評我。Doug 是我男友。

Also, when I'm telling secrets, I'm "spreading" gossip. Remembering, of course, that "gossip" is an uncountable noun, which means not one gossip, two gossips, three gossips. No. You should say "some gossip." "I heard some gossip." "Oh my God, I heard some gossip from Becky today. Becky is the best!" If you really wanna count the gossip, then you can say "a piece of gossip." "I heard a piece of gossip."
還有,我們如果把秘密講出去,就是在「散布」八卦。要記得,「gossip」當然是個不可數名詞,所以我們不可以說 one gossip、two gossips、three gossips。不行。你要說「some gossip」。「我聽到一些八卦。」「天哪,我今天從 Becky 那邊聽到一些八卦。Becky 最棒了!」如果你真的想數出八卦的數量,你要說「a piece of gossip(一個八卦)」。「我聽到一個八卦。」

And yes, you can use it also as an adjective. Gossipy. Ew, I forgot, did you hear the gossip about Kim? Yeah, Kim who said that I was too gossipy. Yeah, well, Kim smells her own farts. I've seen it. It's disgusting. And yes, like a verb, gossiping, to gossip; I gossipped.
對,你也可以用這個字的形容詞。「Gossipy(八卦的)」。噁,我都忘了,你有沒有聽到 Kim 的八卦?對,那個說我太八卦的 Kim。對,反正,Kim 自己放完屁之後還會聞。我有看過。超噁的。對,用動詞也可以,「gossiping(八卦)」、「to gossip(講八卦)」;我講了八卦。

Okay, so, here are some really cool expressions about gossip that you can use. Okay, when you wanna ask for gossip, say these things. "Oh my God, give me the gossip!" Okay, this is the kind of basic version. And...it's fine, but there are better ones you can use, like, "Oh my God, dish the dirt!" Okay, but that expression is a bit more British, I know, ew. But an American thing to say would be "Oh, oh my God. Spill!" "Spill," from the expression, "spill the beans." But we just say "spill" because it's cuter. This is a fun expression you can use with your gossipy friends. But a better one would be "Oh my God, you have gossip? Okay, now I'm sitting down, okay. Lay it on me! I'm ready." "Lay it on me." I like this one. This one's fun.
好,接下來有一些跟八卦有關的超酷講法。如果你想要聽八卦,下列講法都可以用。「我的天,快跟我講八卦!」好,這是很基本的講法。聽起來...是還可以啦,但有更好的表達方式,像是:「我的天,快跟我講八卦!」好,但這句有點英式,我知道,噁。如果要美式一點,我們會說:「喔,我的天。快跟我講秘密!」「Spill」其實是從「spill the beans(講別人秘密)」這個片語來的。但我們都只說「spill」,因為聽起來比較可愛。你跟八卦的朋友講話的時候就可以用這個有趣的句子。但更好的講法會是這樣:「天哪,有八卦嗎?好,我坐下來了,好。一五一十地告訴我!我準備好了。」「Lay it on me.(一五一十地告訴我。)」我喜歡這句。很有趣。

Okay, before we continue, "a rumor." A rumor is a story which is circulating. There is no proof that it's true, and in fact, it kinda seems like it's not true, although I will say I heard a rumor about Ashley. Yeah, she had surgery on her feet to make, like, her toes bigger because she wants to be a foot model on the Internet. Like, ew, I can't even with Ashley. She's so basic.
好,繼續往下教之前,先講一個單字「rumor(謠言)」。謠言就是正在流傳的故事。沒有證據可以證明這件事是真的,而且其實感覺滿有可能是假的,但我跟你們講,我聽到一個有關 Ashley 的謠言。對,她動了腳趾手術來讓她的腳趾看起來更大,因為她想要當網路腳模。噁,我真的很受不了 Ashley。她真的很沒腦欸。

Cool, okay. If you wanna give gossip, then you can start using these expressions. Here. "Oh my God, I've got some gossip for you." But that sounds basic, and you don't wanna be basic. So use these expressions. They're a little better. They're a little cooler.

Our next expression is "a little bird told me." Yeah, it's cute. This expression is, like, you don't wanna say exactly who told you the gossip so that person remains anonymous, like, it took—
下一個用法是「a little bird told me(某人跟我說)」。很可愛吧。如果你運用這個片語,就是你不想透漏八卦的消息來源,那個人的身分就會是秘密,就像要--

My God, Jacqueline, stop calling me! Stop, I'm trying to make a video! Oh my God, stop! So, just remem—Oh my God! Jacqueline, what? Stop bothering me! Go kiss your cousin again. Yeah, okay. A little bird told me that Jacqueline practices kissing with her cousin. She is so weird.
真是夠了,Jacqueline,不要再打給我了!夠囉,我現在在拍片!天哪,夠了!好,只要記--我的天!Jacqueline,幹嘛啦?別煩我!妳繼續親妳表弟吧。對,好。某人跟我說 Jacqueline 跟她表弟練習接吻。她超怪。

Our next expression is "I heard it through the grapevine." We usually use this expression when the gossip came from a certain group of people. For example. Oh my God, okay, a guy I work with at Abercrombie, Jay. So, yeah, I know I work at Abercrombie; I'm pretty, I know. But I heard through the Abercrombie grapevine that Jay is part of a cult. They paint faces on eggs. And they pray to the eggs for, like, good weather or whatever. It's, like, so sad.
下一句話是「I heard it through the grapevine.(我從小道消息聽來的、我聽到傳聞說。)」通常八卦來源如果是一群特定的人,我們就會用這句話。例如這樣。我的天,好,有個也在 Abercrombie 工作的男同事,他叫 Jay。對,我知道我在 Abercrombie;我很漂亮,我知道。但我從 Abercrombie 聽到小道消息,說 Jay 信邪教。他們會在蛋上面畫人的臉。然後對著蛋祈禱,祈求好天氣之類的。真的,可悲。

Our next expression is "word on the street." But this is a little bit old-fashioned. Like, no one really says it anymore. So, just say, like, "Word is..." Okay, so, word is, Jenny likes Rob. But she won't date Rob because of his forehead. She said his forehead is so big; it's more like a "five head." Okay, but don't laugh. That's mean. Those are her words, not mine.
下一句話是「word on the street(有傳言說)」。但這有點老派。就是,現在沒人這樣講了啦。所以可以改成說「Word is...(聽說...)」。好,聽說 Jenny 喜歡 Rob。但她不會跟 Rob 約會,因為她不喜歡他的額頭。她說他額頭太大了;還以為他有兩個額頭咧。好,但不要笑。很壞耶。這些都是她講的,不是我喔。

Thanks for watching! I hope you guys learned some really cool expressions so you can be a gossip queen, just like me, Becky. If you like today's video, remember to subscribe. And if you have thumbs, give me a thumbs up! And tell all of your friends how amazing Becky is! Also, let me know in the comments how fierce you think my hair is today because I know you're obsessed with it. Let me know how bad you wanna see me in a new video. And I'll see you next time on Blabbing with Becky.
謝謝大家收看!希望大家今天都有學到一些很酷的說法,朝八卦女王之路邁進,就像 Becky 我本人一樣。如果你喜歡今天的影片,別忘記訂閱我的頻道喔。如果你有拇指的話,動動你的拇指按個讚吧!還要跟你所有的朋友說 Becky 有多棒!還有,在下面留言告訴我你們覺得我的髮型有多美,我知道你們超愛我的髮型。也要讓我知道你們有多希望我出現在下一部新影片。〈Becky 的八卦聊天室〉下次再見啦。




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